I wanted to keep a log of products I buy (or receive as gifts), both to keep tabs on my spending as well as note down products I should use up and/or review. However, I didn't necessarily want to do "haul" posts on this blog, so I've set up a separate page here. You can follow it if you like, but I'll probably link to it every now and then. 

I may do quick swatches and/or first impressions if I try things out immediately; the photos will just be shot with my phone and won't be very good quality. Most things will be reviewed eventually, but feel free to leave comments or questions!

Setting the page up has made me realise how much I've spent on beauty products this past month! Some of the purchases were justified because I'd run out of things, but quite a few were unnecessary purchases. Reign it in, Teresa! (See, it's working already.)