I woke up like this: Glossier skincare REVIEW (Milky Jelly, Moisturising Moon Mask, Priming Moisturizer, Perfecting Skin Tint)

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I first came across beauty blog Into the Gloss by way of a photo of Jen Brill posted on Tumblr, from this interview. Since then, the blog has become a lot more editorialised and broader in coverage, but the "voice" remains consistent: chic, friendly but not too chummy, and filled with a good mix of both aspirational and more down-to-earth content. 



The way they've leveraged their audience and social following into a customer base for their new cosmetics brand Glossier (referral link) has been interesting to watch. I really like how they ask their community for ideas and feedback (viz. the post that spawned the Milky Jelly Conditioning Cleanser, and the update prior to the release). I love their slogan, which totally reflects my philosophy towards beauty: Skin First. Makeup Second. Smile Always. (Speaking of their slogan: as I write this, they've begun their campaign for Phase Two of their product range. Judging by the pre-launch video and emphasis on "Makeup Second", there are going to be lip and eye products, and maybe a concealer or eye cream.)

The problem with being really good at building hype is that there are bound to be frustrated people. One big obstacle is that Glossier currently only ship to the US and Puerto Rico, so unless you use a third-party mail forwarding service (or in my case, a certain bestie named Jess living in New York), you're SOL. Thanks, Jess!

From left: Glossier Moisturizing Moon Mask, Milky Jelly Cleanser, Perfecting Skin Tint in Medium, Priming Moisturizer.

From left: Glossier Moisturizing Moon Mask, Milky Jelly Cleanser, Perfecting Skin Tint in Medium, Priming Moisturizer.

These will be featured in future posts complete with comparisons and "dupes", but I wanted to give a quick review after having used them for a full month.

Milky Jelly Cleanser: my favourite of the four. True to its name, the texture is squishy and jelly-like, and it's really great at melting off light makeup. Most days I'm quite happy to just use this on dry skin, then rinse and wipe off with the Luxury Face Flannel by The Body Shop (previously reviewed here). You don't really need a face cloth to wipe it off, though, as it rinses clean, but I just prefer doing so with all of my cleansers.

Priming Moisturizer: I didn't want to like this -- there are so many moisturisers out there on the market already that basically do a similar job at a lower price point. But this legitimately soothes my sometimes ruddy skin, and is nice and plumping. There are no oil-control properties, though, and I suspect it will be a bit too much for my oily skin come summer time. If you're into a dewy finish, the moisturiser works really nicely with the...

Perfecting Skin Tint: think BB cream crossed with a serum -- this is the thinnest in texture out of all of my base products. I ordered this in Medium, and it works with my currently NC25 to 30-ish skin tone. The coverage is so sheer that I feel like it would work just fine within a couple of shades of my current colour. This doesn't cover up anything but the faintest of my blemishes but does a good job of evening out my skin tone, and is really quite dewy in finish. It leaves a little bit of a sheen, but there aren't any discernible shimmer particles -- kind of like a toned-down version of MAC Strobe Cream. It works well for me in winter (I powder over it), but I suspect it'll be just a tad too glowy for my summer grease-face.

Moisturizing Moon Mask: I adore the illustration on the packaging! However, this was the most underwhelming of the bunch. The texture is lovely -- bouncy and gel-like, it reminds me of the Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask by The Body Shop and Garnier's Miracle Sleeping Cream. For a mask that purports to be "intensely hydrating", however, it did just an ok job of rehydrating my parched winter skin, and I think it works best if you apply it on wet skin that's fresh from cleansing and perhaps wet with a bit of hydrating spray. It disappeared into my skin like a moisturiser, so I might try using it overnight rather than rinsing off like a regular mask.

Glossier Moisturizing Moon Mask. How sweet is this illustration?

Glossier Moisturizing Moon Mask. How sweet is this illustration?

I have read reviews that said the Soothing Face Mist stings sensitive skin types, so I avoided it -- you may want to keep that in mind and do more research if you have finicky skin. I would have liked to try the Boy Brow after my recent experience with Benefit's Gimme Brow (three word review: "like, not love"), but they are out of stock until mid-March (August update: I have this now in Medium and like it! It's waxier than Gimme Brow). No Balm Dotcom for me either, as I figured I have enough balms and ointments to last me for at least another year (see some previous favourites here; August update: I now have this in Cherry and it's a nice matte balm with a hint of tint). 

Basically, these are good quality basics that should work for most people, and they've developed the range with a view of making soothing, gentle. and effective products. There aren't outrageous claims (ahem, Charlotte Tilbury), and I like how there isn't a focus on anything "anti-ageing" (that's a whole other post). I like the goodies included in my order too -- the bubble wrap pouch and the stickers are a nice touch!

If you use my link to purchase Glossier, you'll receive 10% off your first order! (Full disclosure: this gives me store credit.) Shipping is free with orders over $30 USD or £25 GBP.

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