What would be in my Beauty Box? Featuring Vichy, Collistar, Pixi Beauty, and Topshop

I've written about beauty boxes before, and I'm still not that keen on them. Latest In Beauty, however, does some of the best boxes around. The key for me is that they are not a subscription service -- all of their boxes are one-offs, and you can build your own with luxury sample sized products, along with a few full-sized ones.

British Beauty Blogger collaborated on what I believe was her third beauty box with LIB a few months ago, and I was really happy with it. I won't review it as a whole, mainly because it's no longer available, but also because I would prefer to discuss the products separately. You can see LIB's Pinterest page on it here, which links to bloggers' reviews.

Caroline Hirons is another successful blogger turned product pusher, collaborating with a hugely successful box with Cult Beauty recently. I would have loved to grab it, but £140 was just too much for me at the time; a shame, because I've been wanting to try several of the products for a while. 

It got me thinking, though -- what would be in my beauty box if I were a massive blogger? 

First of all, I'd want to include as many full sized products as possible. There are enough sample boxes out there, so why bother? I'd also include my favourite skincare products that I think would suit a wide range of skin types and situations. There would be a couple of favourite makeup items, as well as something new and fun, because who doesn't want to try a hyped up product on the cheap? Lastly, I'd consider a "lifestyle" item -- I know there's divided opinion about the inclusion of these in beauty boxes, but screw it, this is all about me!

my beauty box picks vichy collistar pixi

So, here are my picks:

  1. Vichy Aqualia Thermal Serum
    A favourite of Sali Hughes', I picked this up in Paris on her and many other bloggers' recommendations. This stuff is amazing on dry and dehydrated skin, and is so light that my skin loves it even when it's oily. It does contain silicone, which I'm usually not a huge fan of, but it seems to work for me. A great one for layering under moisturisers, or on its own when you're oily and/or the weather is humid.
  2. Collistar Glycolic Acid
    I picked this up in duty-free on the way home from Sicily. I've never seen the brand in the UK, and it's a shame -- the products I picked up from there are great! The gel/serum texture seems to be uncommon, as I've only ever seen acid toners here in the UK, whereas back in New Zealand I was a huge fan of the Environ Intensive Alpha Hydroxy Gel (previously reviewed here). I tend to find acid toners a little harsh and drying, while acid gels and serums seem to suit my skin a lot better. This is a little tacky going on, but five minutes later you won't feel anything -- just soft, plumped up skin.
  3. Pixi Flawless & Poreless Primer
    This contains silicones, despite what the salesperson told me! But it doesn't seem to contain as much as many "pore filling" primers, and also doesn't make my oily-combination skin even oilier several hours on. It's a bit weird because it's not tinted (i.e. doesn't rub off on white clothing), but it is coloured and seems to slightly even out my skintone. I've been wearing this topped off with MAC MSFN on a daily basis for work. 
  4. Something from & Other Stories
    I've shown a sample packet here from a recent order I made -- I haven't actually tried their body lotions, but I love their shower gels and facial skincare products. They're good, basic products with an amazing range of fragrances, and there's something for everybody. You can choose one free sample per order when you buy from the website.
  5. Makeup Revolution London Awesome Double Flick Thick and Thin Liner
    I think I picked this up in a deal at Superdrug along with one of their lip products -- it retails for £3.50! It actually is awesome, and I like it better than many others I've tried, including Eyeko's liners. You can achieve anything from a bold, graphic liner look to a baby feline flick. 
  6. Topshop Lip Ombre
    This qualifies as my trendy item. I'm a little sick of the ombre everything, but this is a cool idea -- a base colour, plus a lighter colour which works to highlight the middle of your lips. You could, of course, also wear them separately. This was a bit of an impulse purchase when I met up with Auxiliary Beauty last month.
  7. Kester Black Peony
    I previously reviewed this one here. It's a gorgeous colour, and the formula is great. I loved it enough to schlep it to the UK with me!
  8. Harney & Sons Ambessa blend in Earl of Harlem
    I'm no tea conoisseur, but I just can't stop trying new ones. H&S does some really beautiful blends in both loose leaf and pyramid bags -- I'd highly recommend trying them out. I found these sample sized tins in Farro Fresh in Auckland, and they each contain five bags.

What do you think of my picks, and what would you include in your Blogger Beauty Box?