How Pinterest-ing: beach-inspired nail art (feat. Formula X, Illamasqua, YSL, & Other Stories)

For a long time I had issues with insomnia, and consequently had a lot of sleep hygiene advice from health professionals. There's the usual stuff: don't drink, don't use stimulants, increase your daytime light exposure, exercise, only use your bed for sleepy/sexy time (lololol), and -- the kicker for me -- NO COMPUTER SCREEN TIME BEFORE BED. You know what flies in the face of that last one? My bedtime Pinterest habit. 

I get a similar effect from watching makeup tutorials on Youtube -- is it the blending? The soothing voices? Maybe the repetitive motions and sometimes gentle elevator music all becomes visual and aural white noise after a while... anyway, scrolling through Pinterest and re-pinning things is super relaxing as well. It's probably due to the type of accounts I follow, and if you take a look at the stuff I pin you'll get an idea of what I see through my feed.

teresa brush and bullet pinterest

Being a visual platform, there's a lot of makeup stuff on there. Some of it is very bold and eye-catching Instagram-style makeup, and there are a lot of product round ups, swatches, flatlays and the like. Then there are the pins which obviously engender the whole "that's amazing and totally do-able" feeling that results in me ugly laughing at Buzzfeed:

cookie monster nailed it
crayons nailed it
marbled nails nailed it pinterest

I haven't been brave enough to attempt marbled nails like the last one (although my friend Anthea, who is awesome at nails, did it on me once and it didn't seem like that awful a process? Future post idea...), I came across this and thought, I could totally do that without fucking it up!

Click through for source, although when I click through it comes up with a gambling spam site. THANKS PINTEREST.

Click through for source, although when I click through it comes up with a gambling spam site. THANKS PINTEREST.

I've been wearing Sephora Formula X Enigma for the past week or so (great formula, completely opaque in two coats, self-levelling, tip wear after a few days but what's new), and when it started wearing off I thought this ocean nail thing could be worth a try.

Before (from my Instagram):


pinterest ocean inspired nail art formulax sephora ysl stories blue

A slightly better shot because I overexposed the glitter tip:

Feather found by Will on the Devon coast

Feather found by Will on the Devon coast

The products I used were:

  • Formula X Enigma, which was the base;
  • YSL Bleu Cosmique, which I blotted over most of the nail, along with
  • YSL Jade Imperiale;
  • & Other Stories Snowflake White formed the frothy waves, and
  • Illamasqua Swinger for the golden sparkly sand!
sephora formulax ysl other stories illamasqua nail polish

I'd probably use a latex sponge if I ever attempted this again, but I didn't have any on hand so I used cotton buds from Muji instead. I also only did one hand, because WHAT AM I AN ARTIST.

Tell me about your nail art history, dubious or not. Or even better: show me your pinterest successes/fails!