Beauty resolutions: skin, makeup, life

I'm old and decrepit enough to know that if my goals don't line up with my values, things don't really change. It's only really been the past couple of years where that point has been driven home. It's also hard to deny the allure of a shiny new year for a shiny new me — here are some things I want to work on, beauty- and life-wise. 

  1. Cleanse and treat my face when I get home at the end of the day, before I do anything else. I wrote about my simple skincare routine recently, and it's simple for a reason: I just can't be bothered with multiple steps right before bed. I have all these products I like or want to try out, so why not actually use them and give them more time to work? 
  2. Moisturise my damn legs.  
  3. Eat more greens. I like greens! I should eat more of them! I've been collecting recipes and ideas and want to implement them. 
  4. Play with more blush, and wear the damn lipstick.  
  5. Blog more. It's been a crazy old year with a lot of changes. Life is great, but the inconsistency has gotten to my blogging. Anyway,  less talk, more writing. I'm aiming for once a week to start off with — let's not get too crazy here.

Happy new year! Do you believe in making resolutions? Have you made any, beauty or otherwise?