Peel and stick: OPI Pure Lacquer Nail Apps in Reptile

I've been a little obsessed with this particular set of OPI Pure Lacquer Nail Apps since Elizabeth Monson's Proenza Schouler-inspired nails appeared on Into The Gloss two years ago. Drawing tiny phoenixes isn't quite in my skillset, but I can just about handle peeling these and sticking them on my nails.

opi nail app whole hand.JPG

This is the Reptile pattern which have been around for several years now. OPI don't seem to update the patterns on these, so they're still fairly widely available, retailing at around $24 NZD. I found two packets of these separately on clearance, though, for $15 and $5.

OPI pure lacquer nail apps.JPG

Each pack comes with sixteen pre-cut stickers of different sizes. I managed to do both of my hands with fewer than half of the stickers, so depending on the length and size of your nails, you could possibly get up to three manicures out of these. I've noticed that other nail sticker type products come with a cuticle stick and mini file, but these don't, so take note if you don't have those lying around (you'll find at least a file helpful). The stickers are pretty thin and slightly stretchy, so be careful not to stretch them out too much when you're handling them or it can all go a bit tits-up.

They've lasted me almost a week; I'm only starting to get some tip wear now, but you'll notice that my nails are pretty short. No peeling so far with a top coat (Sally Hansen Hard as Nails).

This shot involved some minor contortionism.

This shot involved some minor contortionism.