Glam by Manicare Express! 3 in 1 nail art pen: a review

AKA Nail Art for DummiesTM

glam manicare neon yellow

My friend Lil got me this for my birthday a few months ago and I gave it a go last night. The design is a little unwieldy; once you undo the compartment holding the jewels, the base of the polish compartment then has to be precariously balanced, or held in your hand, while you paint your nails with the brush cap (which can be also pulled off, revealing a fine-tipped drawing tool). There's no cap to cover the jewel compartment once it's detached, so be careful not to spill them everywhere.

glam manicare express on nails

The colour I got was called "Neon Yellow", but I'd describe it as more of a marigold -- it has an orange tint to it. I'm pretty cack-handed at painting on thin layers, and I found the polish formula bubbled and pooled a bit on me. The jewels stayed on pretty well, though, after a top coat (I used Sally Hansen Double Duty). 

Each pack comes with 5ml of polish, 300 jewels, ten nail stencils (which I didn't use), and one cuticle stick. It retails for $9.99 at Farmers. 

glam neon yellow nailwheel comparison

Above is a comparison with OPI Need Sunglasses? along with Goldeneye (which I used on alternate nails; I believe this was from the Skyfall collection a year or two back). 

Gimmicky? Or useful? I think the dotting tool is pretty cool, and I might consider emptying out the polish and filling it up with my own colours. The jewels are pretty neat too.

What about you? Do you even nail art, bro?