Champagne taste, beer budget: BYS Three-Way Liquid Eyeliner Pen

The Clarins 3-Dot Liner was one of those limited edition products that I umm-ed and aah-ed over for too long, and it sold out. They brought it back late last year as part of their permanent collection, but by then I was being much more sensible about spending money (read: broke), so I refrained from indulging. 


Happily BYS have a way more affordable version -- the 3-Way (HAHAHAH) Tip Liquid Eyeliner Pen retails for something between $7-10 (sorry but it's, like, the one receipt I didn't have stuffed in my wallet), compared to Clarins' $45-ish. 

The three-pronged design saves you time if you're into tightlining -- the flexible wee felt tips wriggle in nicely between your lashes and on your waterline. It's a subtle effect, and not really something that will be picked up by 99% of the people looking at your face on a daily basis; kind of a my-lashes-but-better effect. "I have luscious lashes? Why thank you; I grew them myself." It's also handy for drawing a thicker line if you turn it on an angle; I had no trouble drawing a cat-eye. Well, no more trouble than I usually do.

What of the liquid itself? I rate it five Lisa Eldridges out of five (I love Lisa Eldridge). I've been wearing it all week and it hasn't had any issues lasting about eight hours on the upper lashline (I don't generally wear makeup for much longer than that). It does rub off the skin if you really go at it with water, so don't rub your eyes dummy.

There are versions of this from other brands now, including ELF for the US (judging by this post, the BYS version is much more similar to the Clarins one in terms of length of the prongs) and Bourjois if you're in the UK.

I purchased this from Kmart. BYS Cosmetics states that they don't test on animals.