They're Real... or are they?

I knew it was too good to be true.

I knew it was too good to be true.

Sometimes rummaging around the outlet pharmacy at Dressmart Onehunga turns up good finds. For fans of Indeed Lab products: they have Hydraluron, Nanoblur, Snoxin and PeptaBright for about $5 off RRP. To wit: a Benefit They're Real mascara, for $19.95. They also had a couple of Benefit brow products in stock.

I have a mini version of this that I am a big fan of, and thought this would be a good deal -- never mind the niggling feeling that something wasn't quite right (it normally retails at Benefit counters for $38, and I believe there are only two counters in Auckland). 

I opened it up tonight and saw the goopy formula, then had a sniff... mmm, solvent-y!

Alarm bells sounding, I googled and found various blog posts documenting the differences between real and fake Benefit products.

I'd been duped.

Since I prefer not having my eyeballs tainted with unregulated muck, I wrote an email to the shop asking where they've sourced these products from, and that I'll be coming in for a refund. I want my twenty bucks back.