Diptyque Eau Mohéli


Diptyque Eau Mohéli had been on my mind ever since I tested it on a pilgrimage to Mecca Cosmetica in Newmarket last August. The $200+ price tag for the 100ml put it out of reach, though, so I was pretty excited when my brother stopped over in San Fran to visit my cousin after a work trip. They hunted down the 20ml rollerball for me -- which reminds me, I need to pay him back...

I lack the knowledge and ability to do the fragrance justice in words, so I'll let those of Diptyque and Victoria of Bois de Jasmine be your guide. I will say that it's not a particularly long-lasting fragrance on me, but that initial burst of ylang ylang is gorgeous and has kept me going back to it this summer, alternating with the Body Shop's Moringa body mist (another beautiful white floral). It's definitely opened my eyes and nose to the world of ylang ylang: Chanel No. 22 is next on the list.

Diptyque Eau Mohéli was created by Olivier Péscheux, and contains notes of pink pepper, ylang-ylang, patchouli, ginger, vetiver, benzoin and incense.