Tangle Teezer

Tangle Teezer back.JPG

Some of my best friends are entrepreneurs. (Well, involved in the venture capitalist/startup world.) That being said, I can't stand the Dragons Den. There's something about watching a panel of smug CEO types spouting terrible cliches and shitting on peoples' hopes and dreams that gets to me. I guess it's fitting, then, that I would fall in love with a product that gets rejected by the show and then goes on to be a worldwide phenomenon.

I didn't know all this about the Tangle Teezer, though, until fifteen minutes ago. I had, of course, heard the buzz around the beauty world, but I'd written it off as a gimmick due to the punny name. (Sorry, I'm an awful human being.) So when my mum got it as a thank you present from a friend returning from the UK and passed it on to me, I didn't think much of it. 

Tangle Teezer bristles

How wrong I was. This thing kind of melts through those tangles. I didn't really notice it until I directly compared it to my regular hairbrush. No snags, no pain, less breakages due to the brush pulling hair out from the roots when it gets tangled up in a particularly knotty knot. The two layered, flexible plastic bristle design is simple but brilliant. 

Mine is the Cool Britannia special edition in the Compact size, which comes with a cap to protect the bristles. They seem to retail for $30-40, but I'm sure there are deals to be had. (Also, pssst, I've seen rip off designs at pharmacies.)