Six-word reviews -- Ren Starter Kit for Sensitive Skin

Not bad, Ren. Not bad.

Not bad, Ren. Not bad.

[Channeling Hemingway, with reviews of samples in six words or less.]

I’m not sensitive, just sensitised… well, my skin is anyway. Recently I’ve had a bout of acne on my chin. In the past, these would have been big cystic pimples, but I think due to my retinol use and regular chemical exfoliation, these came up quicker and were smaller than what might I’ve experienced in the past. I’m a picker, though (sorry), and that means they’ve hung around longer than they otherwise would have had I left them entirely alone. My chin, along with my nose (subject to too much pore squeezing), have been rather inflamed and unhappy.

I’ve had this introduction kit for sensitive skin from Ren for a while (purchased from Mecca Cosmetica in Newmarket last year), so I dug it out in an attempt to pacify the angry skin gods.

Of these, I would most likely purchase the serum — maybe the moisturiser if I was feeling flush. As mentioned in the name, the serum contains Omega 3, which is important for maintaining the skin’s lipid bilayer, or stratum corneum. This is what maintains the general health of the skin, and is likely compromised by all my squeezing, tugging, and general mistreatment when I’m angry at my face.

As an aside: this is extremely not suitable for work, but while googling I came across this video Ren made for their tenth birthday a couple of years ago. Oh my full frontal soft-core.

(All the full-size products, excepting the cleanser, are on the Mecca Cosmetica website. The kit is no longer listed on the Mecca Cosmetica website, but is on Ren’s.)